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Drone repair course and training

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Drone repair of Agricultural Plant Protection
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Plant protection agricultural industry-level drones repair course catalogue (...

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Plant protection agricultural industry-level drones repair course catalogue (DJI, XAG)
From now on, in the next 30 days, if you buy aerial photography consumer grade drones repair tutorial, you can give free drones repair tutorial of plant protection agriculture industry level. Buy one and get one free. The quantity is limited. Seize the opportunity!
There are two types of drones repair tutorials: aerial photography consumer level and plant protection agricultural industry level. This introduction is an introduction to plant protection agricultural industry level drones repair tutorials. If you only need aerial photography consumer level drones repair tutorials, please refer to other exclusive posts.
Plant protection drones, agricultural industry-level drones repair tutorial catalogue:
DJIT40 T20p T30 T20 T16 M30 M300 PhantomseriesInspireseriesetc.Plant protection agricultural industry level drones repair tutorial, battery unlocking, battery cell replacement /replace cell(core), Radar, Aerialelectronic System, radio frequency motherboard, spraying(EMF/Liquid Level) motherboard, electronic speed control motherboard, water pump, structural parts and other zero foundation to professional level complete drones repair training course: 1000 dollars or 7000 yuan, permanent learning and permanent renewal.
(Not only DJI, but also XAG series are being updated)
Table of contents:
A complete set of battery fault indicatorsBattery appears horse race lampBattery does not turn onThe battery light does not work or some of the 4 lights do not workThe battery charge is too high to take offCan't chargeThe percentage of battery charge and voltage are not consistentBattery authentication failedAbnormal battery communicationBattery replace cell (core)Battery four lights flashingCorrect disassembly and installation sequence of batteries (to avoid being locked)Battery unlock change cycleThe battery temperature shows abnormalThe battery pressure difference is largeBattery overcharge and overdischargeBattery chip level signal level repair technology.
Principle of Radar circuit repair、Principle of Aerialelectronice System circuit repair、Repair principle of spraying (EMF/Liquid Level) circuit、Electronic Speed Control motherboard repair principle、Repair principle of Radio Frequency Circuit (opposite frequency/2.4G/5.8G)、Maintenance method of structural parts、Principle of RTK circuit repair、Pump EMF or Liquid Level maintenance method of Water pump.
The radar cannot be turned on、Radar communication anomaly、Unable to avoid obstacles、 unable to locate altitude、Always avoiding obstacles 、Radar motor speed too low/high、The lower part of the radar cannot rotate、Obstacle bypass anomaly、Unable to detect、Unable to scan、Can't be upgraded, can't be demotedetc、Aerialelectronice System、Radar burns Aerialelectronice System、After replacing the radar, it is still unable to scan the surrounding pedestrian obstacles、Upgrade card 49% (cannot be upgraded or downgraded)、Error reporting omni-directional radar 2403、No satellite positioning、Throttle backup lossAbnormal radar and communication system、 Abnormal communication between battery and Flight control、Authentication failed、cannot opposite frequency、Opposite frequency failure etc.
Activate error 103 after replacing Aerialelectronice System motherboard、spraying(EMF/Liquid Level) motherboard damage report error、Abnormal operation of the electronic speed control of the nozzle、The voltage of centrifugal nozzle is too low 、False alarm of dose spray or Hall level meter induction abnormality、Sprinkler dripping liquid、 too much liquid left under the medicine cabinet 、Hall sensor is abnormal、The motor is normally turned and Throttle stops、Backup Throttle is lost and accompanied by other error reports、Motor overheating, RF part of the high current, heating, weak signal, signal often disconnected, can not opposite frequency, RTK module is not connected, RTK position is abnormal, RTK disconnection, pump abnormal jitter, pump can not get out of water, pump pressure ups and downs, pump motor does not run.
Phantom series cradle head calibrationCradle head Calibration of X3X5X7, etc.
Inspire series Surveying and mapping series battery unlock change cycle.
All motherboard repairs: manual chip disassembly, battery board interface board replacement, motherboard flying line, chip flying wire, motherboard degumming, chip degumming,Tin planting on the chip, disassembly and replacement of various components and connection seats, demonstration of the use of all kinds of hardware and software tools, etc.Update daily and upload regularly.
Learning style:
Download the player and files such as videos, PDF, pictures and so on via Google Drive or DropBox. After paying the tuition fee, use your VIP account to log in to the special player to play videos, PDF, pictures and other files. We will provide you with your VIP account number and all kinds of help in your study after you pay your tuition fees.
We will provide some free experience and trial content on  More content needs to be paid for for complete learning.
Contact us:
WeChat: 181806465
WhatsApp number is:+86 18627713849

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