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Drone repair course and training

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UAVfix Drone repair of Agricultural Plant Protection UAVFIX UAV UAV
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Aerial photography consumer drones repair tutorial catalogue (DJI, Autel Robo...

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Drones repair courses are divided into two types: aerial photography consumer level and plant protection agricultural industry level. This catalog is a brief introduction to aerial photography consumer drones repair courses, with brands related to DJI, Autel Robotics, Hubsan, etc., standardized and systematic full range of courses from zero foundation to professional level.
Learning style:
Download the player and files such as videos, PDF, pictures and so on via Google Drive or DropBox. After paying the tuition fee, use your VIP account to log in to the special player to play videos, PDF, pictures and other files. We will provide you with your VIP account number and all kinds of help in your study after you pay your tuition fees.
We will provide some free experience and trial content on   More content needs to be paid for for complete learning.
Table of contents:
Drones cradle head assembly and disassembly tutorial, crash repair process, battery starvation repair, battery capacity expansion, battery repair and unlocking, motherboard repair, cradle head hardware calibration software calibration, cradle head error correction, etc.
Drones circuit principle, circuit measurement, manual operation and replacement of components, fault point judgment method corresponding to various error codes, EMMC repair BIOS repair, etc.
Repair methods of falling and crashing at high and low altitude.
Repair methods for all kinds of problems, such as short circuit of water intake, not turning on, etc.
Cradle head repair, sky end abnormal repair method.
Cradle head overload jitter, weak, not self-test, crooked neck, need to be corrected, the picture is unstable, not clear.

The repair method of App/ remote controller with no image transmission or short image transmission distance, and the remote control screen image black screen, black line, short image transmission distance, automatic return after lost image transmission, etc.

Various repair methods for visual abnormalities and GPS abnormalities, no visual obstacle avoidance function, GPS abnormality, unable to take off, slow GPS star search, no satellite, etc.

Repair methods of drones without power or unable to take off, Electronic Speed Control failure or inability to take off caused by power motor, etc.

Cannot opposite frequency, do not boot, short circuit and other core motherboard fault repair methods, drones can not connect with the remote control, various problems caused by the motherboard, etc.

Common battery failure repair methods:
Expansion bulge, lock, do not charge, do not boot, replace cell(core) / capacity expansion, abnormal cell, no light, unlock, abnormal certification, etc.

IMU anomalies lead to non-takeoff, abnormal compass, unrecognized battery, abnormal posture repair methods.

Software upgrade, read-write software, software repair, cradle head error correction, special account usage, etc. (SVIP can give DJI official after-sales special work number)
Remote control repair method, do not turn on, do not charge, do not display, etc., lens (camera) repair, motor repair, core motherboard, remote control motherboard, cradle head motherboard, Electronic Speed Control motherboard, replacement of small components, MOS tube, single-chip microcomputer, main and secondary power chip, CPU kit, image transmission kit, moving board, and other chip-level repair methods, as well as the whole motherboard measuring circuit, etc.
Phantom series cradle head manual calibration, X3X5X7cradle head manual calibration and so on.
The core technology of drones repair is to master 1860 scheme, H3 scheme, H6 scheme, E2B scheme, Ambarella scheme and so on. Almost all drones are interspersed with these schemes to produce a new drones, which is identical in circuit and accessories.
The cost of a full set of aerial photography consumer drones repair courses is 1000 US dollars or 7000 RMB.
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WhatsApp number is:+86 18627713849
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